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Keep Your Data Away From Prying Eyes

No third party has the right to learn about your location, device info or other sensitive details. Keep it that way through our encrypted VPN connection.

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We’ve put together servers in 16+ countries throughout the world, allowing anyone to access our VPN servers. Unless you are on Antarctica, our revolutionary VPN client allows you to access content in any region. You can also feel confident that your browsing is private, secure, and under wraps so that you can keep your info safe.

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Protection For World Travelers

Love to travel the globe for pleasure?

Regularly take business trips to other countries? NovelVPN VPN client is the service that gives you full protection wherever you go.

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All the security in one privacy plan:

Get twice the protection through our encryption

We are proud to offer dual layer encryption through our VPN clients for all your devices

Being patient is useful at work, but is not needed when you are using the NovelVPN VPN service.

We have rapid servers that you can access from around the world, letting you max out your connection.

A Child Could Do This…

It only takes a few minutes to log into the site, pay for a subscription and download the relevant VPN clients onto your devices.

We Don’t Track Your Online Activity

So that you are safe from any third party trackers that want access to your sensitive information, install our VPN clients today.

Turns itself off when the VPN is disconnected

Say the VPN connection to a device breaks. Instead of exposing you to online dangers, NovelVPN VPN client has a kill switch that will disable internet to the device in a second.

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